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Cuthbert & Solzberg

Through our investigative research we seek to observe and experience the nature and properties of Source Energies. It is these omnipresent Source Energies, which completely surround us, and connect all spirit, human, plant, mineral, and animal. Since the dawn of time this underlying force has captivated and enthralled humans. Since the first time that people gazed up into the milky black sky dotted with stars, or the first time that they stopped and listened to the wind.

Current research passageways have lead to Holland in the mid 17th century; as well as ancient rituals associated with traditional tea ceremonies. Additional research paths have aligned an astronomer, who in 1923 was able to confirm the existence of other galaxies. A significant link has connected a 17th century Dutch American farmhouse, which is reputed to be one of the oldest houses in America. Tracking the flight patterns of falcons has led to a 19th century ethnologist who studied the Zuni Tribe of New Mexico.

The purpose of this research is not to draw conclusions. As Archivists and Researchers we aim to follow each thread, which in turn connects to a new ascent.

Cuthbert & Solzberg, 2008

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