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A Green Energy Mission

Source energies are part of the natural balance of the earthóa balance thatís being tipped in the wrong direction by the exploitation of toxic energy sources like coal and oil. We believe that a life lived in balance should be lived with a minimal amount of harm to the earth and its resources. For that reason, we strongly believe in the growth of green energy sources. With the proper research, these technologies will be capable of powering everything thatís currently powered in more harmful ways than necessary. In fact, we may already be there.

Take advantage of powerful alternatives like solar power in your own home to live without spreading harm. Alternative energy sources like solar energy have become much more widely available and available at prices homeowners and not just businesses can afford. By saving the environment and saving money, you can achieve a life in balance.

Cuthbert & Solzberg
Location of the Bushwick (Boswyck) Family Collection